Pops would drive us to the local driving range every Thursday night. We’d carry his bag of Ping Eye 2s from the parking lot to the bays, split a large bucket of balls and start swinging away. He’d throw an occasional head cover under our right armpit and tell us not to drop it in our backswing, but for the most part, we just messed around for an hour trying to hit the ball picker cart while pops got some practice in. 

We grew up to be mediocre golfers, borrowing those same Ping Eye 2s to play a round after school with friends. An excuse to hang out for 4 to 5 hours to celebrate each other’s 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays. As we get older, it makes sense. There’s always something to work on, something that's broken, or some new piece of gear that's going to turn your massive slice into a perfect baby draw. There's something about spending hours with your friends or family on the course that just hits different. And for these reasons, we understand why pops spent so much time at the range. 

Hodori Golf Club is for everyone who eventually found their understanding and appreciation, not only for the game, but the connections that come with it (past. present. future). 

-Hodori G.C.

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